Hear Me Out: Voices from Within

Hear Me Out: Voices from Within is a magazine of poetry and prose written by University of Redlands students and San Bernardino county schools students in the Childhood and Juvenile Justice class.

Our writings explore the similarities and differences in our lives and the forces in our lives that pushed us down different paths to adulthood. How did some of us end up in college? And some of us end up expelled from school or on probation? What can we do to insure that fewer young people get caught up in the juvenile justice system and more can have the opportunity to go to college?

To create new paths to college, the Childhood and Juvenile Justice class brings probation students to campus for occasional class meetings, campus tours and performance events.

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University of Redlands students contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service annually.
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All as part of our time-honored tradition of putting their passion, knowledge and heart to work for the betterment of the world.

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