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Chi Sigma Chi

Nickname: Chi Sig's
Colors: Black, Silver, and White
Year Founded: 1936
Core values: Brotherhood, Working Towards Equality through Divergent Principles, Service for Others and Development of Bonds with those Before and After.

On May 6, 1936, the fraternities of Phi Epsilon and Phi Delta Tau merged to create Chi Sigma Chi. Keeping with the spirit of our founding; the fraternity believes that a brother of Chi Sigma Chi is not expected to give up his personal rights, beliefs or liberties. However, he is expected to maintain the ideals and Spirit of the Fraternity while strengthening the brotherhood through his diversity.


We are a fraternity, down to the root of it all as an active you are embraced as a true brother reborn into a new family of different individuals spanning across the country even continent. Our fraternity strives to instill principles and hold ourselves accountable for decisions done in our own lives. We make the most out of college and embrace the motto work passionately yet still maintain a rewarding college experience. Once each member graduates they are fully prepared for what life has to entail.


Highest GPA for Spring 2013


Many of our members are active in their fields of interest pursuing internships in multimillion dollar companies such as ESRI, conducting biochemistry research for graduate school,  abroad traveling Europe to practice international business,  active on campus via Resident Life Community Assistants , ASUR Cabinet and  President of Greek Council and IFC.  


We have an overall tangible commitment and desire for service. We all set high goals both academia and character in order to aspire for more. We encourage our members to challenge themselves to higher principles. We as an organization are attempting to commit to hosting beach cleanups and raise money for early onset of blindness.


Athletics are an important part of student life.
softball player

The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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