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The 4 year planning was excellent. I think this service should be promoted to all freshman/sophomores because it outlines your future goals and helps people feel more secure about their college experiences." - University of Redlands Student

Academic Success at the University of Redlands encourages students to make individual appointments to discuss future academic planning. This includes a number of topics including, but not limited to:

  • choosing a major
  • checking on academic progress
  • planning ahead for study abroad
  • setting up a 4-year plan for graduation
  • working on strategies for overcoming poor grades
  • time management
  • study skills

This planning helps students realize their academic potential through possibilities such as double majoring or minoring, seeing if study abroad programs are an option or creating a plan to help a student finish their degree at the University.

Time management calendars, study skills handouts and other resource material are available for any student to pick up in the Academic Success Center.

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