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Subject Tutoring

Request a subject tutor online by clicking on the previous link or through the link at the right of this page. Students are placed with a tutor on a first-come, first-served basis and will receive notification via email when a tutor has been found. This process can take anywhere from one to ten business days or more, dependent upon if the requested subject tutor is already on staff or will need to be recruited. Because some subjects are impacted, please be aware that a tutor might not be assigned. In these cases, outside tutoring options may be explored by the student. If not notified within two weeks of submitting the request, please call Academic Success at 909-748-8484 or email

Tutor and tutee appointments are scheduled during the day or evening, depending on each student’s schedule. Tutees must sign in and out of each tutoring session by accessing the tutoring database in the Academic Success Center. Each student is allowed up to two (2) hours of tutoring per week per class. Any student who requires more time must contact Students who miss two scheduled appointments with their tutor, without prior notification, will lose tutoring privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Several academic departments offer drop-in tutoring in addition to the services offered by the Academic Success Center (ie: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Math, and Physics). Students looking for tutoring in these subjects can contact the department for a schedule of courses tutored and drop-in hours for those courses.

Accounting/Economics            909-748-8690   (Duke #207B)

Biology/Chemistry                 909-748-8702   (Hedco #103)

Math/Comp Science/Physics    909-748-8110   (Appleton #125)    

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