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Women's Center

Students gather in the Women's Center

The Women’s Center started as a campus club in the 1970s and became an official center on Oct. 24, 1997.

The center serves the campus and surrounding community as a resource center for women, for gender issues and as a safe haven for survivors of sexual assault.

Students serve as interns within the Centers, working on topics as diverse as sexual assault, weekly discussions, religion, spirituality and gender and global issues that affect women.

Student clubs and organizations that operate out of the Women’s Center include:

  • 1 in 4—established to help raise awareness and increase understanding of the realities of male sexual assault
  • Listening¬†and¬†Understanding Sexuality Together (LUST)—focuses on creating a safe space and community to talk about sex, sexuality, body image, and the promotion of loving yourself
  • Sisters Standing Together (SST)—educates students on campus about violence against women
  • Wadada Wa Rangi Wengi (WRW)—a non-Greek sisterhood dedicated to community service and raising awareness about social justice issues, primarily advocating for female-oriented causes

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