Student Life

Programs and Activities

We offer a variety of programs through the centers:

  • Student of Color Recognition Ceremony and Lavender Recognition Ceremony  (held annually for graduating seniors)
  • Trip to Yuma, AZ to participate in the Colorado River Restoration Project and Quechan Festival 
  • Catalyst Program – Practical Change for an Inclusive World 
  • Students Together Educating Their Peers (STEP)
    • STEP is a year-long student designed and led peer education program with the goal of promoting diversity education and open dialogues on campus. STEP facilitators conduct diversity-themed presentations throughout the campus community.
  • Difficult Diversity Discussion Series
    • This discussion series aims to get students, faculty, staff and administrators on campus involved in “difficult” conversations concerning issues of diversity by providing a set of ground rules to promote dialogue.

If you have ideas of programs that you would like to see on campus, come talk to us and we’ll help you make it happen!

Cogeneration Plant
Cogeneration Plant

The state-of-the-art power facility enables the University to produce a majority of its own energy and has reduced the campus’s carbon footprint by 33 percent.

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