Student Life

International Student Analyst, Miral Charabi

Miral Charabi was born in Damascus, Syria and lived in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Greece. After completing her undergraduate degree in Business Management at University of La Verne, Athens Campus, Greece, she came to the U.S. as an international student to pursue her graduate studies in Business Administration at California State University San Bernardino.

Miral worked with international students at Cal State San Bernardino as the Immigration Specialist for four years and received awards for Excellence in Performance and Outstanding Employee. Miral has been working at University of Redlands since 2005 as the International Student Analyst. Her own experience as a student in F-1 status has helped her understand student needs and concerns. Living abroad has taught her to respect cultural differences and to communicate effectively with people from other cultures. She is responsible for issuing immigration forms I-20 and DS-2019 required for student and exchange visitor visas. She also ensures that students abide by the immigration regulations for their visa status.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.