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Non-profit and Service Work-Study Opportunities

CSL - Work Study

Jobs that serve the community include tutoring, mentoring, assisting in classrooms and after school programs, some of which are commonly done at the Redlands Boys and Girls Club, Redlands Unified School District (America Reads Tutors), Micah House (which focuses activities on the educational, emotional, and social needs of children and youth), and Jasper’s Corner (on-campus tutoring for children and youth).

Work-study may also include working as an intern at a local hospital or museum. Several students work as Gardeners In Residence, maintaining and constructing the various on-campus gardens and/or gardening throughout the city.

In addition to work-study, these placements also qualify as meeting the graduation requirement when students enroll in CSAC 383.

For more information or to inquire about available positions, please contact Associate Director of Community Service Learning, Erin Sanborn by e-mail or by phone at (909) 748-8292.


The University has a long tradition of encouraging and supporting study abroad.

More than 47 percent of Redlands undergraduates participate in study abroad programs.

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