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What are the expectations for the Community Assistant position?

Role Modeling: CAs are expected to personally follow all laws and University policies. The CA-specific employment policies can be found here. CAs are also required to make decisions and interact with students in an ethical, caring manner that demonstrates the expectations we have for all students.

Student Support: CAs are the first line of contact for the students in the residence halls. As such, they answer questions, help students work through difficult life challenges, connect them with resources, help them find strong social connections, and encourage them to get involved on campus.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution: CAs work with residents to help them resolve conflicts in a healthy and successful manner.

Programming: CAs will plan at least 2 activities per month for their hall or floor. They will also be responsible for one or more bulletin boards per month.

Community Standards: CAs will facilitate the community standards process by holding meetings at least every other week with their floor to set expectations by which the community wants to live.

Duty: CAs are on duty 1-2 evenings per week in their community. From 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. CAs must be on campus and available via cell phone. From 9 p.m. - 7 a.m. CAs must be present in their halls and available to residents. They must conduct a minimum of 3 rounds (walk-throughs of the halls to talk with residents and ensure the safety and comfort of the community.)

Crisis Management: CAs help the campus community remain a safe place to live. In emergency situations, CAs must contact appropriate emergency personnel to get help for students. They also assist in evacuations and other emergency response networks. CAs are both well-trained and well-supported by professional staff members, Public Safety, and the Counseling Center, all of whom are available to assist 24 hours per day.

Meetings: CAs must be available from 4 - 6 p.m. on Mondays for continuing training and meetings. CAs will also have weekly staff meetings and regular one-on-one meetings with their supervisors.

Policy Enforcement: CAs must uphold University policy at all times. This means confronting and documenting possible violations or concerns.

Training: CAs must complete a May Term training course. CAs also return to campus on August 11 and January 11 for training before the semester begins.

Administrative: CAs will be responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, such as reports, Health and Safety Inspections, room check sheets, surveys, etc.

Compensation: CAs have a great responsibility for the welfare of others, and as a result, we wish to ensure that CAs are ready for this position. Below you will see the essential requirements, and can view a full job description outlining all of the tasks. 

As a result of taking on this great responsibility, CAs are compensated well. All CAs receive a 40% discount off of the double room rate for their room. This equates to over $3,500 (varies year to year.) In addition, CAs are paid every 2 weeks for 21 pay periods for a total of $4,700 additional dollars. There is a $200 pay increase for each additional year working as a CA. You are not required to have a work study award to be a CA, but the CA position will fulfill your work study award if you do have one. 

Click here to download the complete official Job Description. The Community Director Job Description can be found here

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