Student Life

Bre Modisett

Portrait of Bre Modisett

Left: Student Megan Welles Right: Bre Modisett

My Name is Breona Modisett, but I go by Bre. I am a sophomore and am majoring in English, minoring in business administration, and also enrolled in the teaching credentials program. This will be my second year working in CDI as a Women's Center Intern and I could not be more excited!

The Women's Center has become a home to me and I absolutely love my job. I can't even believe sometimes that I get paid to spread awareness on campus about women and gender and to try and educate people about all of the many ideas and issues that surround gender. I learn more about myself and my gender every single day that I work in the center and I am so lucky to have such a fulfilling and worthwhile job.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.