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Senate Chair, Anne Thorson

Senate Chair
Anne Thorson

Hey Bulldogs! My name is Anne Thorson and I am a junior here at the University of Redlands. I am part of ASUR Senate as the Senate Chair. The Senate Chair’s primary role is to lead and facilitate ASUR Senate meetings and help make sure Senate is successful in representing and benefitting the student body. Senate is an elected, legislative branch that has representation from every residence hall, as well as off campus representation. Senate’s main jobs are to approve clubs and constitutional amendments, provide funding to student clubs and organizations, complete projects and events for their constituents, and represent the student body on committees. As the voice of the student body, Senate greatly benefits from feedback, concerns, and new ideas to improve any aspect of campus! To voice your opinion and help make a difference, please contact


Quiet the Mind
meditation room

The University’s Meditation Room opened in 2007 and is one of the first “contemplative classroom” spaces in the country.

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