Student Life

Senate Chair, Jake Funk

Senate Chair
Fremont, CA
Political Science

I’m Jake Funk, a junior from Fremont, CA. I am part of ASUR Senate as the Senate Chair. The Senate Chair’s role is to act as a spokesperson and leader for ASUR Senate. Senate is the legislative branch of ASUR, which approves amendments to our constitution, approves new clubs and organizations, provides funding to student organizations, approves various parts of Cabinet, and puts on projects and events for their constituents. Most importantly, ASUR Senate represents the concerns and opinions of the student body. ASUR Senate is comprised of representatives from all residence halls as well as representatives who live off campus. As the voice of the student body, ASUR Senate is constantly looking for student concerns. Please feel free to post on our Facebook group “Ask your ASUR Senators,” or send an email to

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