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ASUR President, Jake Funk

Hello Bulldogs! My name is Jake Funk and I have the privilege of serving as the President of the Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR) for the 2015-2016 academic year. I am senior from Fremont, CA and I am studying political science and economics. As your journey at the University begins, and I begin the closing of mine, I find myself thinking back to everything I have gotten out of Redlands. Academically, the genuine care from professors and administrators has guided me through some life changing courses. Through my involvements in student government, athletics, clubs, and organizations, I have befriended countless numbers of my peers. Students at the U of R come from diverse backgrounds with life experiences that are unique to them alone. They have taught me just as much as any professor in a classroom, and I hope that you have the same experiences with the many new friends you will make.

The question is: how do you make these friends? How do you experience the great opportunities that Redlands has to offer? The answer is simple. Get involved. We have over 100 clubs and organizations on campus that you can get involved in. Join a Greek or Diversity siblinghood; go on an adventure trip with Outdoor Programs or keep calm and meditate in our meditation room. We have plenty of community service opportunities and plenty of outlets to just have fun. And if there isn’t a club that suits your fancy, just come up to SLIC, the Student Leadership and Involvement Center (2nd floor Hunsaker), and we will help you start one of your own. As long as you take the initiative, we will meet you half way. We want you to feel at home, because this will be your home for the next four years.

I was elected to be a resource for you all. So, anytime you have questions, or conflicts, if you need advice or support, I’m here for you. My job is to help make this year unforgettable for the student body. I’m sure that we can accomplish this together. The ASUR President and Vice President’s office is in SLIC along with the offices and workspace for student government and clubs and organizations. Our door is always open for you.


Very best,

Jake Funk
ASUR President

University of Redlands students contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service annually.
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All as part of our time-honored tradition of putting their passion, knowledge and heart to work for the betterment of the world.

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