Student Life

Sustainability Representative, Anyssa Haberkorn

Redlands, CA 
Environmental Science

My name is Anyssa Haberkorn-Gomez and I am the 2014-2015 ASUR Cabinet Sustainability Representative. I grew up here in Redlands, California. I am now a rising junior Environmental Science major with a special studies minor. On campus I am an Outdoor Programs trip leader and an Orientation Mentor. Prior to my position on Cabinet, I was involved in or worked with a majority of the environmental clubs and organizations on campus, including Students for Environmental Action (SEA), R.O.A.R., U. S. Green Buildings Club, Roots & Shoots, Kappa Pi Zeta, S.U.R.F. and Outdoor Programs. As Sustainability Representative, I will work to promote sustainable practices throughout the University of Redlands campus. In addition I will serve as a liaison between the University’s environmental community and student government and university administration in order to create networking and collaboration opportunities between the environmental community and the greater campus community. In the coming year I will continue to work with the environmental community on campus to put eco-clamshells (reusable to-go boxes) in the Plaza and Irvine Commons, in addition to collaborating on other events and projects, such as Recyclemainia and the Sustainability Festival. All in all, my position works to implement initiatives and projects that will lessen the University’s environmental impact, educate the community, and ultimately make Redlands a more sustainable campus.

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He is named after Clarence Howe Thurber, University president from 1933-37.

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