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Johnston Facilitator of ASUR Relations, Madison Tschauner

Johnston Facilitator of ASUR Relations
Madison Tschauner

Hey there!  My name is Maddie Tschauner and I am a sophomore at the University of Redlands, specifically in the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. I’m planning on creating an emphasis in psychology and travel, and particularly how travel can be therapeutic.  I am from a small town called Hastings in Nebraska.  I am heavily involved in the Johnston Community and will be the Johnston Facilitator of ASUR Relations.  I am looking forward to helping Johnston students find resources in the wider university while also guiding university students who are interested in the Johnston Community make connections.  It is my responsibility to be Johnston’s voice on campus and to take concerns back to the Johnston Community.  It is my goal to make individual students comfortable in bridging the gap between Johnston and the greater university community.

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