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Co-Greek Life Representatives, Gianna Poidmore and Chris Sarricchio

Greek Life Representatives
Gianna Poidmore
Corona, CA 
Communicative Disorders



Chris Sarricchio
Santa Barbara, CA 

Co-Greek Life Representatives:

Hi Bulldogs, we are Gigi and Chris, and we are working together to be the Greek representatives on ASUR Cabinet this year. We serve as the intermediary between the Greek community and the University community as a whole. We work closely with Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Greek Council in order to provide a positive and well-rounded experience for the Greek community. We do so by means of various programming and event planning as well as furthering opportunities for philanthropy, community service, and academic success. Our efforts aim to enable the Greek community to strengthen and grow both individually as well as holistically within an organization. As representatives, we also work hard to form relationships with a multitude of various groups on campus such as Johnston Center and UDLC. In addition, we strive to foster and maintain a positive and encouraging relationship with the University’s faculty and staff, as well as those in the greater community of the city of Redlands. Lastly, we serve as a neutral party during Rush as to emphasize going Greek, and to promote each individual organization in hopes that everyone will have the chance to find their home. Och Tamale!

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