Student Life

Elections Commissioner and Cabinet Secretary, Emily Hoyt

Elections Commissioner and Cabinet Secretary
Riverside, CA
Political Science

Hey, Bulldogs! My name is Emily Hoyt and I am your ASUR Elections Commissioner and Cabinet Secretary. As Elections Commissioner, I am responsible for putting together a commission of students that will organize two elections during the academic year (one in Fall for ASUR Senate and one in Spring for ASUR President) and making sure that these elections run smoothly. Some of the duties of the commission include ensuring that all candidates adhere to the elections code, encouraging students to vote, informing the student body of the election results, answering any questions a student or candidate might have, and supporting the candidates throughout the elections process. If you have any questions or are interested in being a part of the commission, please feel free to visit me in SLIC during my office hours or e-mail me at Och Tamale!

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