Student Life

Elections Commissioner and Cabinet Secretary, Kira Bayley

Kira BayleyElections Commissioner
Honolulu, HI
Psychology, liberal studies, multiple subject teaching credentials

Hi friends! My name is Kira Bayley and I am your A.S.U.R. Elections Commissioner and Secretary. As Elections Commissioner, myself and my commission are in charge of putting on two elections during the year—one in the Fall and one in the Spring. In the Fall, we have elections for our A.S.U.R. Senate. In the Spring, we have elections for our A.S.U.R. President. Throughout these elections, the commission and I are responsible for ensuring all candidates follow the elections code, advertise for elections, answer any questions and help the candidates through the process, as well as informing the student body of the results. Please feel free to direct any questions about running for a position or being on the commission to my email. Och Tamale!

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