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Learning by doing.
You learn to ride a bike by doing it.
You learn a language by speaking it.
You learn leadership by trying it.

The Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC) strives to promote this philosophy by providing our students with guidance, resources, and the opportunities necessary to gain hands-on experiences that will be useful long after they have left the University of Redlands.

We recognize that not everyone is created equal, but we are all created uniquely. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to discover for themselves the leader within. We intend to bring out the best in each and every individual that walks through our doors.

We are committed to excellence, integrity, professionalism, creativity and, above all else, fun! We strive to expand the minds of our students by helping them to think outside the box. Our motto is “Learning by Doing,” and that is what we put into practice on a daily basis.

Working with Residence Life, Community Service Learning, Athletics, Faculty, the Student Development Center, Student Life and numerous other areas on campus, we will provide opportunities for students to get involved and learn. 

Learning by doing, what a SLIC idea!

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Redlands is committed to offering innovative learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

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