Student Life

Organizational Houses


The University of Redlands Residence Life and Housing department manages a number of organizational houses. These are homes near the university that are utilized by student groups for meetings and events, as well as student housing. These houses are available as living options only to students who are members of the specific groups, and the students who reside in these houses are chosen each year by the organization itself.

Those organizations that currently utilize organizational houses are:

  • Alpha Gamma Nu (AGN)
  • Alpha Sigma Pi (AS#)
  • Alpha Xi Omicron (A#O)
  • Beta Lambda (B#)
  • Chi Rho Psi (XP#)
  • Chi Sigma Chi (XSX)
  • Delta Kappa Psi (#K#)
  • Fidelity Isonomy Erudition (FIE)
  • Kappa Sigma Sigma (KSS)
  • Phi Mu Alpha (FMA)
  • Pi Chi (#X)
  • Rangi Ya Giza (RYG)
  • Sigma Kappa Alpha (SKA)
  • Wadada Wa Rangi Wengi (WRW)

All residents of Organizational Houses are responsible for the rules and regulations of the University of Redlands, as found in the Code of Student Conduct. There is an additional Organizational Housing Supplemental Handbook to provide information specificly for students residing in these houses.

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