Housing Selection and Placement Process

2018-2019 Academic Year Dates

All applications and forms are found on the myRedlands Housing Portal.

Note: Some residence halls and apartment complexes will close completely during May Term. For 2018-2019, Anderson Hall, East Hall, Fairmont Hall, Williams Hall, and the Grove Apartments will likely close. This means all students who intend to stay for May Term 2019 will be relocated to another community of similar amenities for May.

New students may begin the housing process once they have made their deposit. Deposited students will receive their Redlands login information to gain access to the MyRedlands Housing Portal. They will also be directed to the New Student Checklist with step by step instructions for completing the process, including filling out the New Student Housing Intention Form and housing Personal Profile.

Returning students participate each spring in the Housing Selection and Placement Process to secure housing for the following full academic year. Students will generally stay in the same room through the fall, spring, and May Term of the academic year. Below is a timeline outlining important process dates. Use the list below to learn more about housing options and what is needed for different processes.  
  • Thursday, February 15th
    • Accommodation Requests due by 5PM in hard copy to Academic Success and Disability Services under the Library.
  • Tuesday, February 20th - Tuesday, March 6th
    • Off-Campus Workshops for students who wish to petition to live off campus. To be considered, all students MUST attend one of the below workshops at the listed meeting locations. Student must bring their student ID and receive an 80% or higher on the corresponding quiz. If a student does not attend a workshop or fails to achieve an 80%, that student's petition for off campus will not be considered; no exception.
        • Tuesday, February 20th at 9PM - Casa Loma
        • Wednesday, February 21st at 4PM - Casa Loma
        • Thursday, February 22nd at 9PM - Orton Center
        • Tuesday, March 6th at 4PM - Casa Loma
        • Abroad? Students will receive an electronic workshop via email
  • Thursday, March 8th
    • Off Campus Petitions due by 5PM with notifications on March 16th, May 25th, and July 20th.
    • Organizational House Applications due by 5PM
  • Tuesday, March 13th
    • Open Houses from 9-10PM in all communities to tour and learn about the living experiences. Check with your CA for more information.
  • Thursday, March 15th
    • Apartment Applications due by 5PM with selection March 20th.
  • Monday, March 19th
    • Themed Community Applications due by 5PM with selection March 21st.
      • Anderson Music Floor
      • Fairmont Catalyst Program
      • Grossmont Sophomore Community
      • Merriam Environmental Consciousness Community
      • North Global Quarter
    • Organizational House Rosters due by 5PM.
  • Tuesday, March 20th
    • Senior Room Draw for students with 96 credits or more. Students will receive a selection time and detailed information via their Redlands email account prior to Room Draw.
  • Wednesday, March 21st
    • Junior Room Draw for students with 64-95 credits. Students will receive a selection time and detailed information via their Redlands email account prior to Room Draw.
  • Thursday, March 22nd
    • Sophomore Room Draw for students with 63 credits or fewer. Students will receive a selection time and detailed information via their Redlands email account prior to Room Draw.

After Sophomore Room Draw Residence Life and Housing will work on placing students who did not participate in Room Draw.


Should you have any questions please contact Residence Life and Housing at RLH@redlands.edu or Student Affairs at (909) 748-8053.


Studying abroad during the fall semester or full academic year? You must complete the Accommodation Request and Off Campus Petition to be considered for these housing options when you return. However, no other housing selection processes are needed from you. You will receive the workshop information electronically to complete while away. You will be contacted in the fall semester with information about selecting your room and roommate(s) for your spring return.

Currently on a Leave of Absence? Students currently on a LOA who have indicated they'll return in the Fall, please participate in the Housing Selection and Placement Process as a returning student. 

Taking a Leave of Absence for Fall? Students planning to take a Leave of Absence for the Fall semester DO NOT take part in the process. These students must schedule an appointment to establish the Leave of Absence by calling Student Affairs at (909) 748-8053.