Outdoor Programs

End of Semester Weekend Trips

What: Stars, Sand and Sun (beach camping!) 

  • When: Mar 10-11, 2017
  • Cost: $38  $19 – 50% off
  • Camp underneath the stars, hike along the beautiful California coast, and dip your toes into the icy Pacific Ocean at San Onofre State Beach.


What: Chasm of DÜM (doom)  

  • When: Mar 10-11, 2017
  • Cost: $36 - $18 – 50% off
  • Hey!!!!!!!! HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!!! YES YOU!!!!!! Join us in Joshua Tree National Park while we traverse the Chasm of Doom! We'll arrive to our campsite (a short walk from the parking lot) on Friday night, look at some stars, wake up Saturday, enjoy some breakfast, attempt the Chasm of Doom, and be back by dinnertime! WÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ!!!!!!!!!!


What: WHOOOOOOSHH (Zip lining) 

  • When: Mar 11, 2017
  • Cost: $134 - $120
  • Guess who's back!!!!! Sick of being on the ground? Feel like walking is too slow? Us too. Good thing we have a solution for you (temporarily). Come join us for a fun day in the trees, zipping along, singing a song, and of course getting along. We will leave bright and not too early on Saturday and be back before dinner time! Come zip away!


What: Spring into Spring -

  • Mar 11, 2017
  • Cost: $12 - $10 – All $’s to Relay for Life!
  • Enjoying and hiking up the beautiful Deer Springs Trail in Idyllwild, CA!


What: Yoga Paddleboarding in Laguna Beach 

  • When: Mar 11-12, 2017
  • Cost: $79 - $65
  • Ever tried Yoga? How about Paddleboarding? At the same time? We haven't either! Come hang out on Saturday at the beautiful beaches of Crystal Cove for some casual backpacking, camping, and cooking. On Sunday, we will head to Laguna Beach for a Yoga Paddleboarding lesson taught by instructors from Paddle Board Bliss! We will be back on campus Sunday before dinner. See you there!!


What: Beachside Hiking and Camping 

  • When: Mar 11-12, 2017
  • Cost: $38 - $19 – 50% off
  • Have you been missing the beach? Looking to get away from campus for a night? Look no further! Come join us for a day on the beach and the bluffs, and a night in the lovely Sycamore Canyon named for its (you guessed it) abundant Sycamore trees, all within walking distance of the beach. We'll return Sunday afternoon with plenty time for downtime and schoolwork!


What: Shreddin’ the Pow in Big Bear  

  • When: Mar 12, 2017
  • Cost: $63 - $53 - cheapest way to go ski!
    • (ski/snowboard rental not included)


What: Totally Tide Pool Trekkin’ in Cabrillo 


  • When: Mar 19, 2017
  • Cost: $25
  • Come explore the beautiful tide pools and cliffs of Cabrillo National Park! We will be doing a light one mile hike along with walking around and exploring the beautiful seascape. Breakfast, lunch, and killer snacks provided! Come spend the day outdoors blowing off academic steam with us while taking in amazing views!