Alcohol and Substance Use Resources

The Counseling Center is committed to helping students who are in recovery or who want to engage in campus life while remaining substance free. There are many resources for these students on campus. 

Drug and Alcohol Support Group  
Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm  
Community Service Lounge, 2nd Floor of Hunsaker Center

This is an open group consisting of assessment, education, process, and the application of skills related to the use of drugs and alcohol.  Members of this group will explore alcohol and drugs as they apply to them. The expectations of participants in the group are to be open to others' decisions: from abstaining from all drugs and alcohol to harm-reduction to decreasing current consequences from drugs and alcohol.    This group offers the opportunity to talk openly and freely about drugs and alcohol and the effects that they’ve had, the exploration of family history and current dynamics of alcohol within family/social supports, and the development of skills to decrease the current negative effects that drugs and alcohol have.  

The Haven at Redlands

The Haven is a unique residential community for Redlands students in recovery from substance use issues. 

The Haven offers recovery support services, academic encouragement and recreation & social activities for students who are committed to their college education while learning to lead a full and satisfying recovery lifestyle. Students share double or triple rooms with same gender roommates who support each other’s recovery journey while forming lifelong friendships. 

The Haven is located across the street from campus in a historic, newly renovated Craftsman and offers a vibrant recovery community for all Redlands students through 12-step meetings and social & recreation events and activities. 

For more information call the Haven at 310-822-1234 or email at  

Local AA meetings:

Local NA meetings: