Airport Shuttle 2018-2019

The University of Redlands offers transportation services for students to and from the Ontario International Airport during designated school breaks. The cost of the shuttle is $10.00 each way.  This cost is currently under review and subject to change. Students are required to sign-up for the shuttle at least one week prior to departure date as seating is limited. Payment is due upon sign-up at the Public Safety Office. Cancelations must be received 72 hours in advance for a refund of the fare. Cancelations received less than 72 hours prior to the shuttle will result in forfeiture of the payment.

Thanksgiving Break to Ontario Airport

Tuesday, November 20th - 9am to 5pm

Wednesday, November 21st - 9am to 5pm

Return to U of R
Sunday, November 25th - 12pm to 10pm

Winter Break to Ontario Airport

Saturday, December 15th - 9am to 5pm

Sunday,  December 16th - 9am to 5pm

Return to U of R

Sunday, January 13th - 12pm to 10pm

Spring Break to Ontario Airport

Friday, March 1st - 9am to 5pm

Saturday, March 2nd - 9am to 5pm

Return to U of R

Sunday, March 10th - 12pm to 10pm

End of Spring Semester

Wednesday, April 24th - 9am to 5pm

Thursday, April 25th - 9am to 5pm

Return to U of R

Sunday, May 5th - 12pm to 10pm