Public Safety Advisory - Sept. 29, 2014

To: University Community

From: Jeff Talbott, Director of Public Safety

Date: September 29, 2014

Subject: Safety Bulletin - Recent Confrontation Adjacent to Campus

During the early morning hours of Saturday, September 27, 2014, Public Safety was called to assist a student who had been confronted by several male non-University individuals in a passing vehicle, as he walked alone on Grove Street near Brockton Avenue. During this confrontation, the non-University individuals stopped their vehicle adjacent to the student and began shouting vulgar language at him. At this same time, two males exited the vehicle with both of them purportedly displaying knives at the student, while at the same time continuing their vulgar language towards him. At that point, the student being concerned for his safety and ran to the Brockton Apartments where his friends live. The individuals chased after him; however, he was able to safely gain entry into his friends' apartment. The individuals, as well as several of their companions then began pounding on the door of the apartment where the student sought refuge. Upon the arrival of Public Safety officers, 10-15 non-University individuals immediately began to disperse from the area of the apartment. These individuals were African American males in their late teen to mid-twenty age range.

Public Safety Officers continue to encounter non-University individuals seeking parties on and adjacent to the campus. While the University continues to take intensive and proactive steps to dissuade these individuals from coming on campus, the suggestions below should be followed for your personal safety:

• Walk in groups, especially during hours of darkness, utilizing the interior sidewalks on campus as much as possible.

• Avoid confrontational encounters with non-University individuals on campus.

• Immediately report any suspicious individuals or activities to Public Safety at 909-748-8888 or use the Blue Light Emergency Phones on campus.

• If such encounters occur off-campus, immediately call the police at 911.

Our highest priority remains the safety and security of our campus community members. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Public Safety at 909-748-8888 or ext. 8888 from any campus phone.