Public Safety Advisory - Feb. 19, 2014

To: University Community

From: Jeff Talbott, Director of Public Safety

Date: February 19, 2014

Subject: Safety Bulletin - Recent Gang Presence around Campus

During this past weekend, Public Safety was called to assist one of the Greek organizations that had turned away several non-University individuals who were attempting to gain unwelcome access to their registered party on campus. Immediately upon being denied entry into the party, these individuals began to challenge our students and their guests to a fight. Upon the arrival of Public Safety officers, these non-University individuals dispersed towards Grove Street while shouting and claiming affiliation with a street gang originating out of Los Angeles County. While this group of purported gang members walked on Grove Street away from the campus, they proceeded to physically assault two University students, rendering one of them unconscious from a blow to the head.

The actions, attire, and comments made by these individuals are all consistent with street gang behavior and are occurrences that have been observed by Public Safety personnel with alarming frequency on and around campus. These situations coincide with parties on campus in which the individuals attempt to intimidate their way into gaining entry. It is well established within street gang culture to utilize force, fear, intimidation, and violence to accomplish their hostile activities. The University is taking intensive and proactive steps to dissuade these individuals from coming on campus. In conjunction with these actions, the following suggestions should be followed for your personal safety:

  • Walk in groups especially during hours of darkness, utilizing the interior sidewalks on campus as much as possible

  • Avoid confrontational encounters with non-University individuals on campus.

  • Refrain from utilizing social media to post plans or locations of University events.

  • Always carry your University ID and when requested to show it, please be cooperative.

  • Immediately report any suspicious individuals or activities to Public Safety at 909-748-8888 of use the Blue Light Emergency Phones on campus.

  • If such encounters occur off-campus, immediately call the police at 911.