Public Safety Advisory - Feb. 8, 2013

To: University Community

From: Jeff Talbott, Director of Public Safety

Date: February 8, 2013

Re: Campus Safety Response to Dorner Manhunt

Beginning Thursday morning and continuing nearly without interruption, our Department of Public Safety has been devoting significant time and effort into monitoring the law enforcement information surrounding the activities and whereabouts of Christopher Dorner, the subject of a multi-jurisdiction manhunt. We have also been conducting a comprehensive security assessment for our campus communities, both here in Redlands and for our regional facilities.

The information that we have gathered from multiple local and state law enforcement sources has revealed that there is no identifiable threat to any of our campuses or to our students, faculty, staff or administrators.

While the actions of Mr. Dorner cannot be absolutely predicted, he has not demonstrated any sort of random nature to his destructive behavior. In fact, quite the opposite is true in this situation. Mr. Dorner through a publicized manifesto has made his intentions very clear in that he is specifically targeting law enforcement personnel and their family members in his vengeful quest for retribution against the Los Angeles Police Department. To date, he has not deviated from that stated intent.

The University's Department of Public Safety will continue to diligently monitor the law enforcement information that develops on this situation around the clock, and as with any other safety issue, will immediately provide notification to our entire campus community in the event there is any elevated concern for safety.

I would like to remind everyone to remain vigilant in regard to ensuring your personal safety and those within our community at all times. If you see or hear something that gives you cause for concern in any way, please notify Public Safety or call 911 immediately. Your safety on and around our campus remains our highest priority here at the University of Redlands.