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Academic Overview

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At the heart of the Redlands experience is the belief that education should be highly personalized, relevant and interdisciplinary. No student’s experience is exactly like another’s—from Freshman Year Seminar to travel abroad, students are given the flexibility to chart their own paths. Much more than simply choosing a major and a minor, your time with Redlands will be a holistic academic experience. Take some time to explore the many facets of a Redlands education.

Majors and Degrees

With more than 40 programs of study, ranging from fine arts to Global Business, the majors and minors at Redlands seamlessly incorporate broad-based interdisciplinary learning with hands-on, pre-professional training. Students approach their chosen disciplines from a variety of angles, pairing theory with application and history with future practices. With small class sizes, individualized attention from expert faculty and relevant real-world experiences, Redlands’ graduates are sought after by employers, graduate schools and volunteer organizations.

Liberal Arts Foundations

As you begin your career with Redlands, you will be guided through the process of choosing your Liberal Arts Foundation courses—classes designed to help you explore a variety of topics before choosing a major, or enrich your understanding of an already chosen concentration. With hundreds of classes to choose from, you are encouraged to consider the world from a global perspective, while still engaging in topics that pique you interests.

Study Abroad

Central to Redlands’ study abroad program is the belief that learning and living abroad, immersed in another culture, is an integral part of a student's education and a springboard from which a career and a meaningful life can be built. Approximately 60 percent of Redlands students study abroad at some point in their academic careers, and with one of the most extensive study abroad programs in the country, the University of Redlands offers access to programs on every inhabited continent on the planet. Sorry, nothing in Antarctica…yet!

Johnston Center

In 1969, a group of faculty members joined together to create an alternative learning environment at the University of Redlands. This vision lives on today in the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. The Johnston Center is designed for highly motivated students who are passionately interested in (even uncontrollably curious about) the world around them. Three basic concepts guide the Johnston Center: Students must be responsible for their own education, intellectual growth happens in the context of community and a college education is incomplete without firsthand knowledge of another culture.

Community Service Learning

At Redlands, community service is integrated into the curriculum so that every student has the opportunity to stretch, to give, to learn new skills and to serve others. Service locations have been as far away as Africa and as nearby as Franklin Elementary School in Redlands. Students deepen their understanding of subjects such as sociology, psychology and medicine by working for hospitals, homeless shelters and police departments. Aspiring teachers and communicative disorders majors add dimension to their classroom experiences by working at local schools and summer camps and teaching disabled students to ski through the United States Adaptive Ski School.

School of Music

The School of Music offers the right combination: A quality conservatory education on the campus of a liberal arts and sciences community. As a National Association of Schools of Music-accredited program, we offer a curriculum that balances academic experiences with extraordinary individual and ensemble performance opportunities. And our education is made even more effective because of our size—small enough to be personal and large enough to offer great breadth in courses and performance opportunities.

Training Tomorrow’s Teachers

Redlands has a long tradition of educating students who want to share learning with others by becoming teachers. For that reason, Redlands is a recognized center for teacher preparation excellence. We offer a flexible curriculum with several avenues for becoming an elementary or secondary school teacher.

  • For those students interested in teaching Elementary school, please visit the K-8 Liberal Studies program for more information.
  • For those interested in teaching high school, please visit the Teaching High School section of the Liberal Studies Department.
  • Please visit the School of Education for information about the certification process and master’s degree options.

May Term

For those interested in short-term, topic-based introduction to another part of the world, Redlands offers exciting one-month, May Term opportunities. The course offerings vary across disciplines—from art to economics, astronomy to psychology.

Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program

The Proudian Program is designed for up to 12 talented students in each graduating class who wish to explore interdisciplinary learning. The program offers students three special seminars on interdisciplinary topics during the sophomore and senior years. There are special privileges that come with election to the program including exclusive use of the Proudian Room and faculty borrowing privileges at the library.

Dedicated Faculty

Redlands faculty aren’t hiding in their labs or behind the screens of their computers. Their doors are always open—and when you walk through those doors, you’ll find teachers who are eager to talk and answer questions. You’re not interrupting. You’re learning in the best environment possible—one-on-one.


University of Redlands students contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service annually.
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All as part of our time-honored tradition of putting their passion, knowledge and heart to work for the betterment of the world.

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