Prospective Students

Interview with a Counselor

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Our admissions counselors are here to be a resource—about the University, the application process, or the college search in general. A meeting with a counselor is informal, and is a chance for us to get to know prospective students a little bit better. Admissions appointments are usually paired with a campus tour or may be part of a day or overnight visit.

The admissions appointment is an informal session where you and your family can receive answers to important questions. It also gives us an opportunity to learn more about you: what excites you about learning, what your interests are and what your hopes are for the future. If you're transferring from another college, you should bring an unofficial transcript for an unofficial unit evaluation. Please make an appointment in advance.

Just as important as the questions we will ask you are the questions you will ask us. Feel free to come prepared with list of questions for your admissions counselor. The most important thing is that you leave the appointment feeling that your questions were answered and you have a good sense if Redlands is a fit for you.

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