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Energetic. Inquisitive. Friendly. While there is no "typical" student in the College of Arts and Sciences, these words are frequently used to describe our close-knit community. At Redlands, our diverse and adventurous students find plenty of room to take risks, explore ideas, and forge new friendships.

Here are some basic facts about our 2012 entering class, including freshmen and transfer students:


4,981 applications received 
814 students enrolled (729 Freshmen, 85 Transfer Students)

Class Rank and Scores

Average GPA: 3.58

Standardized Tests

  25% 75% 
SAT (Critical Reading & Math)  1050 1240 
ACT Composite 22 26 



57% Female    43% Male

Ethnic Diversity:

Total students of color = 317 students (38.95% of 814 entering students)

Caucasian  56.39% Unknown              4.67%
Hispanic  23.34% African American 3.07%
Asian      6.88% Native American   0.74%
Two or More  4.67% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander    0.25%

*Individuals may report more than one racial or ethnic identity (total is more than 100%)

Geographical Distribution

Students come from 37 states. The largest states represented, beyond California, in descending order are: Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois and New Mexico. In addition, we welcomed international students representing China, Great Britain, India, Kuwait and Thailand.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.