Spatial Literacy Program

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Introducing the Spatial Literacy Program

The School of Education has launched this fall an innovative program that introduces educators to spatial thinking and prepares them to use this emerging practice in the classroom setting. Tapping into the University of Redlands’ established expertise in mapping and geographic information systems, the new program will provide students with cutting-edge knowledge in a field that is projected to grow rapidly during the next decade.

Where and When?
Spatial Literacy courses are offered in the evenings at our Redlands campus and online only beginning Fall 2011.

Program Options
Students may earn a graduate certificate in Spatial Literacy by completing a four-course program, or integrate Spatial Literacy into the Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction program. Learn more.

What is Spatial Literacy?
Spatial thinking is an ability to visualize and interpret location, distance, direction, relationships, movement and change through space. In spatial literacy, we find important links with numeracy, information literacy, and graphicacy, skills that enhance the basic preparation for life after K-12—especially in the workplace. In a world where data visualization and geospatial tools are the norm, spatial literacy is a significant asset for students and teachers of all ages.

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