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The re-application is designed to update applications for former applicants and matriculants who have been previously reviewed for admission and wish to re-apply or re-enroll to the College of Arts and Sciences. You are eligible to use the Re-application for Admission if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Any student who previously applied and/or was admitted to the university and upon withdraw notified us that they would like us to preserve their application file for up to one academic year.
  • Any student who previously attended Redlands and withdrew or has not been enrolled for at least 1 year, which exceeds the length of time allowed by the dean’s office and/or registrar to return. (Note students who left Redlands after being academically dismissed or academically disqualified may be required to petition the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for permission to return.)

If you are eligible to apply as a Re-Applicant, please fill out the Re-Application Form. 

Given the exacting requirements of the re-application process, we strongly encourage students to contact an admissions counselor.

Athletics are an important part of student life.
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The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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