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Is there an application deadline?

The University of Redlands processes applications in two phases: Early Action (Nov. 15) and Regular Decision (Jan. 15).  Applications submitted beyond these deadlines will be considered on a space available basis. We strongly encourage you to apply Early Action if you are applying for talent or merit scholarships. 

Redlands does not offer early decision (ED); we offer Early Action which is non-binding. 

When will I receive notice of a decision? 
Students who apply and complete their applications by the Early Action deadline will be notified by January 10. Students who apply and complete their applications by the Regular Decision deadline will be notified no later than April 1st. Applications that complete beyond these deadlines will be considered and notified on a space available basis.

What is the average fall enrollment?
An incoming class consists of approximately 650 freshmen and approximately 100 transfer students. The student body numbers just over 2,700 students.

What do I need to submit my complete application?
In addition to the application itself, you need to provide a counselor recommendation (School Report), an academic teacher recommendation, official transcripts, official SAT I and/or ACT scores and an application fee. For more about applying, please see our pages for:

Does Redlands require a minimum SAT I or ACT?
Since other factors are considered in the application process, it's difficult to state a minimum. This year's entering freshman class had an average GPA of 3.58. On the SAT I Critical Reading and Math combined the middle 50% of the class scored between 1020 and 1220 and between 22 and 26 on the ACT. (These scores are calculated from the 25th to the 75th percentile.) Our Standardized Test Policy will give you the necessary requirements for application submissions.

Does the University require or accept the SAT II?
No, we do not require or consider SAT II scores when reviewing an application.

Is an interview required for admission? 
We do not require an interview, but we strongly recommend meeting with an admissions counselor. You can find out more on our Visit Campus page.

Is there a required high school curriculum?
Redlands recommends a college preparatory program that includes four years of English and two or three years each of foreign language, lab sciences and social studies. Three years of math up to and including Algebra II is required. It is important that you prepare yourself as early in high school as possible in order to obtain the necessary information and fulfill all requirements.  

Are high school honors courses weighted in the GPA?
Yes. We will recalculate your GPA based on your grades in academic subjects from grades 10-12. We will weigh a grade of C or higher in an honors, AP or IB course one extra GPA point.

May I enter Redlands in either semester?
You may enter in fall or spring. However, we recommend freshmen students enter in the fall.

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