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James C. McMahon, Ph.D., School of Business

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I have been a University of Redlands instructor for 12 years and I am also the Quality Systems Manager for Abbott Vascular. The most rewarding teaching experience is when current or former students share how they have applied what they learned to their professions. For the analytical courses I teach, I favor an instructional style that emphasizes the understanding and application of concepts over pure memorization of formulas. Redlands has made it possible for my own learning to continue and together with our students, I have been able to build up a repertoire of practical examples from a variety of industries and services.

James C. McMahon, Ph.D.
Quality Systems Manager
27 Years with Abbott Vascular

Design through Math
Appleton Hall

The back of the University of Redlands own Appleton Hall contains a mathematically designed ‘Echo Chamber’ that uses calculated angles to refract sound.

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