Prospective Students

1000 Reasons Scholarship Recipients

Adult and Professional students were awarded $1000 scholarships for submitting reasons why they chose the University of Redlands for their degree. Submissions included essays, videos, slideshows and poems. Here are a few video examples from some of our scholarships awardees.

Here is what some of our students are saying about why they love the University of Redlands:

“Investing time and money into a quality education program is a choice that ranks up there with getting married and buying a home- one wishes to make the best choice possible. I am happy to be choosing Redlands for a key decision in my life, to be the foundation for the next phase of my life.”
-Ty Haeber, SD Campus School of Business

“I do not want to live by the standards that others have set before me, but by a path that I have paved for myself. I want to be pushed harder and I believe that the University of Redlands will give me the push that I need to get ahead. “
-Monee LeForbes, MBA student

“I like the curriculum. It is practical and to the point. Many places I investigated had large amounts of non-relevant courses that seemed to be there merely to pad the catalog. A straight-forward series of courses that build upon each other and lead me to a specific end are far more beneficial to me than just a bunch of classes that, while interesting, do not get me to graduation and a degree.”
-Mike Malsed, SB student

“Redlands is not happy with the status quo. We are taught to try and better the lives of our future students by making them the focus of their education and putting them at the center.”
-Shahzad Chaudhry, School of Ed student

“What I saw at Redlands were teachers who were actively working in the field, teaching the same students that we will be teaching, and helping us to deal with the real problems of today’s schools. These are teachers who are ready to teach the way their students need to learn, and who would set a good example for those of us looking to enter their profession.”
-Paula Fitzpatrick, School of Ed student

“Redlands gave me confidence, courage, challenges and a family. I am lucky to be part of this incredible institution, not because I chose Redlands, but because Redlands chose me.”
-Fern Flores, PTC student, School of Ed

“Since the beginning of my first class, I knew Redlands was the best place for me. All my professors treated me not as a student but as a colleague. They welcomed me with respect and I felt so empowered.”
-Silvia Guzman, Ed. D. candidate, School of Ed

“The University of Redlands is the institution of dreams made reality and hope. This university welcomes all, judges none, and inspires most.”
-Tamorah Redshaw, School of Ed student

Quiet the Mind
meditation room

The University’s Meditation Room opened in 2007 and is one of the first “contemplative classroom” spaces in the country.

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