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Why Redlands

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"Redlands manages to be a pre-professional institute, a liberal arts college and an alternative school all in one."

That's the way Edward Fiske, former editor of The New York Times, describes our innovative academic community.

Why choose a university that defies neat categories? Because it's likely you defy neat categories. You'll thrive in a place that welcomes your individuality, offers challenge, fosters creativity and provides support for your individual needs and efforts.

Of course there are other reasons...

You'll learn what you want—and need—to know.
With more than 40 programs of study and a list of courses that's constantly evolving, a Redlands education is uniquely rich. It will prepare you for lifelong learning and rewarding work—just look at what our graduates are doing.

You'll find open doors—and minds.
Redlands faculty love learning and teaching. They've won national recognition for their books, studies, musical compositions and course designs. As one student observed, "I never feel rushed when I talk to my professors." You won't feel inhibited by traditional thinking either. To quote another student, "Think outside the box? Did someone say there's a box?"

You're going to love it.
Really. Why? For many it's the beautiful campus set in always fun and interesting Southern California. Others love the super-energized student culture or the way people listen to and support each other. The sports facilities? The food? You'll have to let us know which part you love best.

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Redlands has 12 recent Fulbright Scholar recipients.

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