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Is my student required to have health insurance?

All College of Arts and Science students taking nine or more units per semester are required to have health insurance. Students may wish to take advantage of the Student Health Insurance Plan. The University strongly recommends students, prior to waiving participation in the Student Health Insurance Plan, review their health insurance policies to ensure their coverage provides equal or superior benefits. In addition, students should verify there are health care facilities located in the Redlands/Inland Empire area which are covered by their insurance plan. For more information regarding the Student Insurance Plan see the Health Insurance Brochure available online after April 18, 2014.

How much does the Student Health Insurance cost?

If my student did not purchase the Student Insurance Plan, can he or she still use the Student Health Center?

Yes! The services at the Student Health Center are available to all currently enrolled University of Redlands Students. Students do not have to purchase the Student Insurance Plan to be seen at the Health Center. Appointments with the physician, nurse practitioner, and nurse are free. There is a charge for lab tests, immunizations and prescription medications.

Does the Student Health Center bill insurance for fees incurred?

No, the Student Health Center does not bill insurance. If expensive lab tests are indicated, students can be referred to an outside lab capable of billing their insurance. Prescription medications offered at the Student Health cost $20 or less. If a student’s co-payment for prescription medication is less than the Student Health Center fee, a prescription can be written for the medication to be filled at a pharmacy.

When and how does my student pay for Student Health Center fees?

Payment is generally expected at time of service. Credit card, check, and cash are all accepted. In addition, parents/guardians may pay for their student’s Health Center fees via telephone with a credit card. If a student is unable to pay at time of service, he or she may sign a promissory note. All promissory notes must be paid within one week of service. Failure to pay within one week will result in the fee being forwarded to Student Accounts and a $20 processing fee will be added.

How large is the main campus?
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The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.