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What services does the Student Health Center provide?

The Student Health Center provides medical services for acute illnesses/injuries and stable chronic disease as well as preventive care to promote wellness. The Student Health Center staff is dedicated to providing confidential, convenient, affordable, and accessible health care. All students, regardless of insurance, are eligible to use the Student Health Center.

When is the Student Health Center open?

Monday-Friday 8:00–11:30 a.m. and 1:00–4:30 p.m
Open when undergraduate classes are in session
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and University Breaks

How can my student contact the Student Health Center for an appointment?

Appointment Telephone Number (909) 748-8021

Does my student need an appointment to be seen at the Student Health Center?

Yes, appointments are generally required for all services. The Student Health Center will attempt to accommodate walk-ins, however, those who walk-in may have to make a future appointment, wait, or be referred. Students with appointments will be seen on a priority basis over non-emergent walk-ins.

Who staffs the Student Health Center?

Our staff consists of:

  • Elizabeth Meade, Director, MSN, NP-C (909) 748-8196
  • Kimberly Haugh, Registered Nurse (909) 748-8198
  • Patty Nowatnick, Medical Assistant (909) 748-8021
  • Loma Linda University Preventive Medicine Physicians (909) 748-8021

What is the Student Health Center fax number?

Fax telephone number (909) 335-5117

Where is the Student Health Center located?

On Brockton Ave. (behind the Chapel and across from the entrance to the Stadium)
Building 208 on the campus map
Link to campus map:

Can I talk to a Student Health Center staff member about my student’s health visit?

Medical information may not be released without the written consent of the patient. Students can sign a consent form allowing discussion of his or her health with parents/guardians. If a consent is not on file and parents/guardians have questions or concerns, Health Center staff can answer generalized questions, though cannot violate patient confidentiality which is protected by law. Students are responsible for notifying parents/guardians of their condition, except in the case of a serious emergency.

How does my student obtain an excusal for class or work due to a health problem?

Students requiring a note of excusal will need to make an appointment for evaluation of the condition. Individuals with observable signs of moderate to severe illness, disease or injury will receive a letter of excusal. Please note, professors and/or employers are not obligated to accept the excusal from the Student Health Center provider. Persons without observable signs of poor health or those with mild signs of illness, disease or injury will not receive an excusal.

What counseling services are available?

Our licensed therapists and interns provide free, confidential counseling for individuals, couples and groups for a wide range of issues and concerns, including depression, anxiety, social fears, problems with academics, body image and interpersonal relationships. We also provide evaluations for psychiatric medications and referrals to mental health resources in the community.

Students can call or come by to make an appointment. Parents can also call if they would like to consult with a Counseling Center professional. Contact the Counseling Center at ext. 8108 or (909) 748-8108.


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