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Memorabilia from the White House

Robert Pierpoint was presented this leather-covered box commemorating the trip of President Dwight D. Eisenhower to Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Asia and North Africa in December of 1959.

This acrylic box commemorates the airplane “Caroline” used by President John F. Kennedy during his campaign for the Presidency in 1960 and bears a gold reproduction of Kennedy’s signature, the name “Robert C. Pierpoint,” the plane and includes Kennedy’s calling card.

This pen was used by President Lyndon B. Johnson on April 26, 1965 to sign SB974, an act to amend the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962.

This pen was used by President Richard M. Nixon October 20, 1972, to sign HR14370, the Revenue Sharing Act of 1972.

White House ash tray from the administration of Richard Nixon.


Special cup commemorating Jimmy Carter’s visit to Panama in June of 1978.



Robert Pierpoint is an avid fan of tennis; in the 1970s and 1980s, he played doubles with future President George H.W. Bush, winning a number of CBS tournaments. The pair were champions of the 1974 CBS/World Tennis Men’s Doubles (trophy bowl), and League Winners of the 1981 CBS Invitational Tennis Tournament (plate).

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