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Pierpoint at Redlands

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American broadcast journalist Robert Pierpoint, class of 1947, understood the meaning of the Redlands Family. His own family history was deeply rooted at the University of Redlands.

A Family Legacy
His father, Charles Pierpoint, was a University Vice President and business manager for over 20 years. Robert, his wife, Patricia Adams Pierpoint ’47, and his sister, Ruth Hogg ’49, all graduated from the University of Redlands.

They continued and cultivated a legacy that started with Robert’s mother-in-law, Bess Adams ’37, a former Redlands English professor, and continued with his sister-in-law, Roberta Sprauge ’53, children, Alan ’72. Eric ’73, Kim ’76, and Marta ’85, and his niece and nephew, Deborah ’75 and Robert Howard ’81.

The Connection Lives On
Over the years, Pierpoint kept his connection with Redlands alive as a member of the Board of Overseers of Johnston College for two years, an ex-officio advisor to various officers of the university and a speaker at various University functions. During the University’s centennial, Pierpoint served as an honorary centennial chair.

In 1963, in recognition of his service and on-going level of commitment to the U of R, Pierpoint received a Distinguished Service Award.  Additionally, in 1976 the University awarded Robert with an Honorary Doctor of Journalism. Pierpoint also received a 75th Jubilee Medallion in 1983 as an outstanding graduate of the University and in recognition of his contributions to American journalism.

In honor of his parents, Robert and Patricia founded the Charles O. and Emma E. Pierpoint Endowed Scholarship to help students in need of financial aid. Before his death in 2011, Robert continued to be a friend of the University, and donated the Robert C. Pierpoint Collection to Redlands, making it available to students, faculty and other scholars.

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