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Robert Pierpoint in front of White House

After his undergraduate studies at the University of Redlands, Pierpoint left for Sweden to study at the University of Stockholm. It was during that time that he began to work in local radio and soon became a stringer for CBS.

He later became the CBS news war correspondent in Korea, where he gave the last live wartime broadcast from Korea before becoming CBS’ White House Correspondent.

Instantly developing into a staple of the Capitol scene, Bob became well known on convention floors and is seen as a part of the second generation of “Murrow’s Boys,” a group of close associates of Edward R. Murrow, the radio and TV journalist. Eventually Pierpont became the chief diplomatic correspondent in 1980.

As a respected member of the White House Press Corps, Bob reported breaking news on monumental events in American history, including the Cold War, President Kennedy’s assassination and President Nixon’s resignation.

Ultimately, Pierpont served as a White House Correspondent for six presidential administrations, from Eisenhower to Carter.

His career is chronicled in his memoir “At the White House: Assignment to Six Presidents,” published in 1981.

During his time as a correspondent, Pierpoint became a close friend of eventual President George H.W. Bush, often spending time with him on the tennis courts. As doubles partners, the two won several CBS tennis competitions together.



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