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The Robert C. Pierpoint Collection

Pierpoint in color in front of sea scenery

The University of Redlands is proud to present the Robert C. Pierpoint Collection at University of Redlands, an array of media documenting the life and career of CBS news correspondent Robert Pierpoint, class of 1947.

The collection includes:

  • Photographs spanning Pierpoint’s career, from his work as a correspondent in Korea during the Korean War through the 1980s
  • Collection of reminiscences, both professional and personal
  • Copies of speeches and other writings by Pierpoint, including views on the news media, about specific events in history, and a copy of the manuscript for his book At the White House, published in 1981
  • Correspondence between Pierpoint and famous dignitaries, including cards from Presidents of the United States
  • Press badges
  • Audience correspondence to Pierpoint, the most substantial (some 300 letters) related to his March 7, 1973 broadcast editorial “Double Standard in the Middle East.” The letters provide context and insight into the Israeli-Arab conflict from the 1972 Munich Olympics, when Palestinians murdered Israeli athletes, and 1973, when Israeli interests retaliated, including shooting down an aircraft
  • A significant collection of memorabilia related to┬áthe Presidency, including pens used by Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon to sign Bills and commemorative items from presidential visits abroad.

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