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Micaela Brit, ’11, applied on a whim to 16 different colleges and was accepted by 14. She wanted a small school, and decided to take a chance on Redlands.

“It gave me great scholarships and financial aid. I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else.”

Through Student Employment, Micaela worked as a student director for Big Buddies—a child mentoring program on campus. With plans to become a clinical psychologist, she felt the work would be important experience.

“Big Buddies is such a great program this campus offers. I am happy I could be part of this and leave a little mark here.”

How to obtain work study

At your initial referral appointment, we will review your application and class schedule and assist you in finding a job that is right for you. You will be given a Work Authorization Form to contact the hiring supervisor of the position of your choice. Call immediately to arrange an interview. Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment, dressed appropriately for the position. Approach your interview with a positive, friendly and willing attitude. If you are interviewing for an off-campus position, you may be asked by the employer to complete their application. We try to provide as much "real world" experience as possible. Students interview for available positions.

Earning limit & wages

As a student in the work-study program, you typically work about 10 hours per week and have a work award limit ($2,400 to $2,700 depending on class year) on the amount of money you can earn in the academic year. Work-study earnings are not applied directly to the tuition bill, but are used at the student's discretion to cover education costs, fees, personal items and expenses. Your employment status is temporary and part time and does not contain any provisions for fringe benefits or holidays or payment for time lost due to jury duty. You do not qualify for unemployment insurance. You are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance for on-the-job injuries.


Work-study earnings are taxable income. You may not see any taxes withheld from your paycheck during the academic year because you must earn above a certain amount before withholding takes place. In January you will receive a W-2 statement of earnings.

Study Abroad & breaks

You will receive a work award only for semesters when you are studying on campus. Be sure to notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes you make in study abroad plans. Work award packages are for the full academic year, divided into two semesters: fall and spring. For instance, a student with a $2,000 work award ($1,000 each semester) cannot earn more than the $1,000 per semester.

Managing your schedule

At Redlands, we believe that academics should be the first priority, and for that reason we restrict student jobs to 10 hours per week. Both on and off-campus employers understand that you are a student and work with your schedule to the best of their ability.

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