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About Work Study

As a student in the work-study program, you typically work about 10 hours per week and have a work-award limit ($2,400 to $2,700 depending on class year) on the amount of money you can earn in the academic year.

Work-study earnings are not applied directly to your tuition bill but are used at your discretion to cover education costs such as books, fees, personal items and expenses.

Student benefits

As a student in the work-study program , your employment status is temporary, part time and does not contain any provisions for fringe benefits or holidays or payment for time lost due to jury duty. As a student in the work-study program you do not qualify for unemployment insurance, but are covered by workers' compensation insurance for on-the-job injuries.

Having more than one Work-Study job

We do our best to accommodate you to your own interests and benefits, including allowing you to hold more than one work study job. You may have more than one work study job as long as you do not exceed 10 hours per week and are budgeting your work hours so that you do not use up your work award before the end of the academic year.

Students without Work Study

The Student Services Center, located on the ground level of Armacost Library, solicits and posts part-time job opportunities from the community, which are available to all Redlands students, whether or not they have a work award. While most of these jobs require you to provide your own transportation, some are within walking or biking distance.

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