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Filling out forms

Your first step to a Work-Study position is to fill out an application.

Please download and complete the application.

If you are hired for a Work-Study position, you will be asked to complete a W-4 tax form and INS form I-9. Be sure to bring acceptable forms of identification with you to campus (photocopies are not acceptable).

What is a W-4 form?
This form instructs the University how to withhold your earnings for income tax. You use the W-4 form to estimate what your tax liability might be at the end of the year and we withhold accordingly during the year. However, you must earn above a certain amount before withholding takes place. For example, if you claim no allowance, you must earn $240 in a two-week period to have $1.36 in taxes taken out. If you claim one allowance, you must earn $380 in a two-week period to have $.26 in taxes taken out. That means most students do not have taxes withheld during the school year, although taxes are often withheld if students work more hours during summers or break periods.

Please download and complete the W-4 form. 

What is a I-9 form?
The I-9 was developed by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to verify that persons are eligible to work in the United States. As an employer, the University of Redlands is required to have student employees file form I-9 with the Student Employment Office before they are considered eligible to work.

Acceptable forms of identification.

Student Employee of the Year Nomination Form 12-13 (supervisor use only)

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