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Transfer Credit/AP/CLEP


College of Arts and Sciences:  

Transfer Course Approval

Undergraduate courses from regionally-accredited colleges or universities, with a grade of ‘2.0’ (C) or better may transfer to the University of Redlands. For current students, prior approval is required.  Transfer credit is not counted in the GPA. See catalog for policies regarding maximum transferability and credit obsolescence. 

Transfer Approval Request form

Study Abroad Approval

Courses taken through all approved study abroad programs at the University of Redlands are recorded with grades on the student's academic transcript once transcripts have been received by the Office of the Registrar.  It is the student's responsibility to have courses taken during a study abroad experience pre-approved for application to the student's academic program at Redlands.

 Study Abroad Approval form

School of Business:  

Students will work with the Student Services Manager (SSM) to receive prior approval for transfer credit.

School of Education

Students must receive approval from their Program Chair to transfer a course toward their degree.

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