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Registrar's Office

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to provide exceptional service to the University community in support of the mission, values, and culture of the University of Redlands. As the stewards of the University's academic records, we ensure their accuracy, integrity, and security. As partners in education, we facilitate learning and academic progress. We promote equity and fairness by supporting the development and consistent application of current policies.

Our Staff

Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Office location:
Administration Building, Suite 204

Phone: 909-748-8019
Fax: 909-335-5155

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 College of Arts and Sciences Important dates:
August 27

New students arrive;new student   week begins

August 31      Continuing students arrive
September 2 Classes begin
September 5 Check-in deadline

September 16          

Final day to add a class
September 23 Final day to submit Johnston course contracts
October 24 Final day to drop a class


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