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Fire Safety

Report a fire by calling Public Safety at ext. 8888, or at (909) 748-8888 from off campus. The Redlands Fire Department responds to all campus fire calls. In life-threatening situations the Redlands Fire Department can also be reached by dialing 911 on any campus telephone.

The University is subject to all state and local fire regulations, including the obligations to keep campus fire lanes free of vehicles and other obstructions. If you park in these fire lanes you jeopardize the safety of all persons located in the building.

Please take time to acquaint yourself with fire evacuation routes for your buildings as well as the location of all fire extinguishers. Residence halls will conduct fire drills each semester. Students must participate in these drills by evacuating the building. Fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and other fire equipment are placed in each hall for your protection. Students found damaging this equipment will be held financially responsible for repairs or replacement.

During Fire Alarms Drills or an actual emergency, all students, visitors, and employees must evacuate the building. You are required to report to your residence hall evacuation site located on the Quad for all evacuations. Failure to respond is subject to disciplinary action including a written warning for the first offense, $50 fine for the second offense, $100 fine and possible judicial action for the third offense.

To help prevent a fire, abide by the following regulations:

  1. No cooking in student rooms.
  2. No appliances with heating units in rooms, except hair dryers.
  3. Light fixtures must not be tampered with in any way.
  4. No old halogen lamps are permitted in residence halls.
  5. No smoking in public areas of residence halls, or in substance free halls.
  6. Combustible liquids may not be stored in student rooms.
  7. Motorbikes are not to be brought into residence halls.
  8. Misuse of fire equipment is punishable by law and subject to a University fine of $500.


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