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Substance & Alcohol Abuse

The University of Redlands provides extensive education and information programs to prevent substance and alcohol abuse. Educational programs and workshops are conducted during new student orientation, periodically during the year at residence hall meetings and special programs conducted by campus organizations.

In addition, the University recognizes that substance or alcohol abuse may be indicative of other problems. The Counseling Center in the Student Development Center offers both on-campus counseling and off-campus referrals for students in need. Student Life distributes brochures and materials covering all current resources available to students to prevent substance and alcohol abuse.

For employees, the University's Personnel Policies and Procedures manual includes a "Drug-Free Workplace Policy." In addition, the University offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for those in need of personal assistance.

The University is governed by and supports local, state and federal laws regarding the use, possession and sales/furnishing of alcohol and/or controlled substances. Any person found responsible for illegal possession, distribution and/or consumption of any controlled substance, including alcohol, will be subject to disciplinary action by the University. In addition, violators may be subject to criminal prosecution, fines and/or imprisonment by civil authorities.

The legal drinking age in California is 21. State law deals strongly with underage alcohol possession and drinking. It is a crime to furnish alcohol to underage individuals, consume or possess an open alcohol beverage in public. Students located in an area open to the public who are determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance or intoxicated to the extent that they cannot care for their safety will be turned over to the Redlands Police Department.

SMART (Strategies for Managing Alcohol Consumptions Responsibly Together) Program

SMART is an alcohol education program designed to promote awareness, responsibility, taking care of self and others, making wise choices, and the consequences associated with alcohol consumption.

SMART is a collaborative partnership involving Public Safety, ASUR PEER Education, and Student Life. Also included in this team teaching approach are students, parents, and law enforcement.

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