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Crime Reporting

To file a formal complaint related to the Department of Public Safety, please read the Community Report Cover Letter and fill out the Community Report Form.

To report an in-progress crime occurring on campus, call Public Safety at ext. 8888 or 911 immediately. To report a past incident, call Public Safety at ext. 8888 from an on-campus phone, or 909-748-8888, if calling from off campus. Public Safety works in conjunction with the Redlands Police Department on major crimes such as: murder, sexual assault, robbery, auto theft and aggravated assault – bringing to the University resources from the Redlands Police Department.

Crime report summaries are published weekly in the Bullsheet. The last 60 days of the daily activity logs and crime report summaries can be viewed at the Public Safety Office. The Department of Public Safety will also prepare an annual security report. In addition, the Student Life Office and Public Safety will answer all questions raised by students and parents whenever possible.

"Timely Warning" safety flyers are prepared and distributed campus-wide in circumstances or incidents where violence is involved, could bring harm to others and/or constitutes an immediate and/or ongoing or continuing threat. Warnings are issued through the university e-mail system and posting on all doors allowing access to the residence halls and front doors of alternative housing locations. The determination to distribute safety flyers is made by Student Life and Public Safety Administrators, after gathering and accessing the known facts of an incident. Parents may also obtain this information by requesting it from the Student Life Offices, Public Safety or the University's website.

Reporting Criminal Cases to Redlands Police Department

University community members have the option to file a report with Redlands Police Department in addition to filing a report with Public Safety. To file such a report, let the Public Safety officer know that you also want a report filed with the police department. The Public Safety officer will assist in contacting the Redlands Police Department and requesting an officer respond to the campus.

Filing two reports enhances the capability of locating the suspect by utilizing both the University and Redlands Police Department investigative resources. To report past crimes or non-emergency situations, Redlands Police Department Dispatch may be reached by calling (909) 798-7681.

For crimes which occur outside the jurisdiction of the Redlands Police Department, Public Safety will assist in directing the student to the appropriate agency to investigate and document the incident.


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