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New Accounts:

Datatel is the software company that produces the University's integrated, administrative system. Datatel refers to both Colleague (the University's student information system) and Benefactor (the University's alumni and development system). New University staff may request a Datatel account by submitting a signed Computer Account Request Form to Todd Logan, Database Administrator, in the Office of Information Technology Services. This form must be approved by the department head, and must include all appropriate signatures.

Your signature on this form indicates that you have read and understand the terms of agreement.

Please allow 5 business days to process this form.


Each University of Redlands department provides its new employees with training in the Datatel system that is specific to that employee's job responsibilities. In addition, the Administrative Information Systems Office (AIS) provides training in the following modules:

User Interface (UI):

As of May 2004, the User Interface was adopted by the University as our preferred interface to Datatel. UI replaced the Integrate interface in use since the original conversion to Datatel began in 1997. With UI, users have access to a host of graphics-based tools and accessories designed to make working with Datatel more intuitive and user-friendly. The Datatel User Interface will be updated on a regular basis, and users are encouraged to review this document.

Person Demographics (DM):

The DM module contains all bio-demographic data of all person records maintained in the system (e.g., prospects, applicants, students, faculty, etc.). DM training covers Datatel login, navigation, data entry standards and recommended methods for finding and updating records. This is required training for any employee who will work with Person records in the Datatel system.

Person Demographics Manual


Maintenance on the Datatel Server is performed every 3rd Friday of the month at 6:00 pm

Communications Management (CC):

The CC module controls the maintenance and tracking of correspondence to and from the University's constituents. CC training covers creating documents, mailing tracks, and requirement codes as well as transferring data from Datatel to your desktop for mail merges and spreadsheets.

To arrange DM or CC training, contact one of the following AIS personnel:

Gary Gonzales
(909) 748-8307 

Cheryl Robbins
(909) 748-8319

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