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Computer Labs, Collaborative Learning Spaces, Technology Enabled / Video Conference Ready Classrooms

The University of Redlands maintains computer labs, collaborative learning spaces, and technology enabled classrooms (some which also function as video conference ready classrooms) across the campus and at the regional centers. 

Lab Computers



Macintosh Total
Main Campus  332
(faculty: 13 
student: 319) 
(instructor: 7 
student 111)
Regional Centers

(faculty: 7 
student: 150)

Total   489  118  607

Collaborative Learning Space Computers 


Main Campus 7
Total: 7

Technology Enabled Classroom Computers


Macintosh Total
Main Campus 65 (faculty) 11 (faculty)
Regional Centers 33 (faculty)
Total 98 11 109    



 Total Number of Computers for Instructors and Students



Macintosh Total
Main Campus    
    Faculty 78  18  96
    Student 326  111  437
Regional Centers
     Faculty 40   40
     Student    150   150
Total 594 129 723

On the main campus, the Fletcher Jones Foundation Computer Center (FJFCC) is the primary computing hub on-campus.  The General Lab, with both PCs and Macs is available for walk-in use.  The four computer labs in the FJFCC can be scheduled for full-semester use, or one-time class sessions.  There are six collaborative learning spaces in the FJFCC, as well as the Internet Cafe.

In addition to the FJFCC, there are additional labs and workspaces located across the campus.  Please visit the Other Labs On Campus link for additional details on those spaces.  For more information about video conference ready classrooms, please visit the page provided for more details regarding those spaces.

Each regional center location also features a computer lab.  Please visit the Regional Center Labs link for additional details on those spaces.

Questions regarding computer lab or workspaces can be directed to extension 8965 (on-campus) or (909) 748-8965 (off-campus).

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